Cooperation with Student Teams

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At Quickersim we believe that young, ambitious people are the leaders of tomorrow’s world.

That is why we want to support student teams that are using their time and potential to design and create electric vehicles. Q-Bat is a perfect tool for batteries and battery packs cooling systems design and optimization. It will help you and your team make your dream of a reliable electric system possible!

QuickerSim Q-Bat offer for student teams

Free annual license

test your cooling solution and battery thermals for free

Each licence will be active for one year after signing the agreement. Within this year our cooperation will cover also mutual marketing activities.

Full version

no limits on number of components and mesh nodes

Q-Bat full version enables you to quickly build a 3-D model and run a simulation in real time.

Educational materials

you will get access to trainings and educational materials

We will also support you on users groups. Your technical feedback will be extremly important to us – it will help us to create a database for FAQ section! For starters: you can find the documentation here.

Marketing cooperation covers:

  1. Placement of QS logo on your webside / social media profile
  2. Placement of QS logo on your vehicle
  3. Post about collaboration with QS (prefferably on Linkedin; original post or sharing ours)

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