Avoid costly prototypes and design your battery cooling system properly!

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Accuracy has been verified with Solaris Bus & Coach – the largest e-bus manufacturer in the EU

We solve thermal and ageing problems of batteries – with 3-D accuracy quicker than any other software!


a new cooling plate or cooling system without prototypes

You can design a cooling plate geometry and predict temperature field in the whole battery accurately. Add additional cooling plates, modify their geometry or increase the cooling liquid flowrate and run the computation again.


if your battery performs well for a new customer, vehicle or other requirements

Battery or bus manufacturers often deliver their batteries or vehicles tailored to specific requirements. Now you can verify against each new specification easily.

Avoid costs of

degradation and ageing through careful modelling

Battery usually costs 25-33% of the EV cost and often needs to be delivered with 5-8 years warranty. Calculate the risk of warranty replacement for each driving or atmospheric temperature profile.

MATLAB compatible – you can integrate our software with all models in MATLAB

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Build a complete model in 1 day!

Simple 0-D or 1-D battery simulation models suffer from limited accuracy and lack of coefficients…

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Full scale CFD models require even a month of geometry and mesh building. We have a very flexible battery configurator. You can import your cooling plate CAD files and use predefined cells layouts. You build a real automotive battery model within one working day.

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Simulate 15 minutes in just 15 minutes

In most e-mobility applications transient states are most significant. A car never drives with constant speed…

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Driving profile and electric power profile vary dramatically in time. Full scale CFD models require hours or days on supercomputers to calculate such cases. We build a detailed finite element model and applied smart model order reduction to the space of thermal eigenmodes. It handles nonlinear material properties and varying mass flow of the coolant too. For real-life cases the simulation goes in approximately real-time. You need to check a 15 minutes driving profile – take 15 minutes of your dekstop! Not a supercomputer.

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Get accurate 3-D data

Real battery cells experience nonuniform temperature distribution. It isn’t healthy for them…

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It may also impact degradation and ageing. Simple software models do not give that information. That is why we show the exact temperature distribution within the cells to visualise and deliver complete 3-D data for building or assesing battery cooling.

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Get the simulation know-how

We know how important it is to trust simulation results. We have seen mathematical models that are far from reality…

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That is why we focus on our close cooperation with you. As part of each new application we are commited to work with you to make careful validation. We also pass our numerical and simulation know-how and expertise to your team. It is not about colourful pictures. You must trust the results you get.

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Learn how to build and simulate your battery in our software

How we work?

Outsourcing & Consulting

If you start cooperation with us, POC (proof of concept) projects quickly build trust and verify accuracy…

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In that case you let us work for you. We do the design, run simulations, optimize the design or consult you with our battery simulation know-how. This can be your choice just for start or in the long-run.

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You want to make all the calculations and design work in-house. We give you license of our software. You use it…

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This is our primal operation mode. Along with the license, we give you training and validated simulation practices to get reliable results. We also support you or we can extend and tailor the software to your very individual needs.

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Maybe you need to predict ageing and degradation. Or you have some topics that may be outside…

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We have team of PhDs and experts in building numerical simulation models. Consult your challenge. We are experienced in R&D projects. Let us propose a solution.

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Digital twin of your cell

Accurate simulations require trusted data. Detailed thermal and electrical properties of electrochemical cells are often not available. We have a tested methodology to deliver a digital twin of your electrochemical cells for thermal battery simulations.


For whom


Vehicle manufacturers

You can check how change of driving profile, atmospheric conditions, coolant flow rate and cooling plate design will affect temperatures and ageing of the battery. You can minimise your warranty risks and costs even if requirements and specifications vary in short series.

Battery manufacturers

We help assess and calculate cooling of your batteries to reduce your warranty risks. Especially if you send your products to various customers or OEMs. Your battery may be similar or configurable, but varying specifications and requirements of your customers make it difficult to test everything through prototypes. We can automate this workflow for you.


Cell manufacturers

You can get a digital twin of your electrochemical cell. Battery or vehicle manufacturers often need to simulate thermal and ageing effects in batteries they build out of your cells. Give them a tool to do that.



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